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It’s time to shape up!  At MYNC it’s all about getting back YOUR OWN unique brow framework and creating your perfect signature brow.  Here’s how we do what we do:

Step 1:

Throw in the tweezers!  Unless you’re Brooke Shields, bountiful brows don’t come easy.  So we ask that you voluntarily check-in to brow rehab and quit tweezing at least 2 weeks prior to your 1st session with our “brow whisperers”.  Ahem, that’s cold turkey!

Step 2:

Arrive at our studio and settle in for a little brow therapy.  Tell your stylist all of your brow issues: your likes, your dislikes, and your ultimate brow aspirations.

Step 3:

Now that we totally “get you” like no other, it’s time to measure and assess your brows from every angle to determine the best brow shape for your unique face and features.

Step 4:

Your brows are expertly shaped via the method of your choice {thread, wax or tweeze-only}, followed by a skin soothing tea tree, aloe and lavender treatment.  Lastly, we banish any sign of recent hair removal and perfectly define your brows with our signature brow collection.

Step 5:

Our work here is done!  Now go and put your best brows forward!

Umm, should I thread, wax or tweeze-only?

MYNC stylists can achieve A-mazing results with all three methods of hair removal.  {When in doubt, simply ask your personal brow stylist to advise on the best method for you!}

No matter which method you select, MYNC stylists solely use tweezers to skillfully shape the arch of the brow.  Tried, tested & true, tweezing offers hair-by-hair precision.  Thread or wax is then used to clear away surrounding fuzzies.  And just like that, you’re polished and confident!

Can’t I just do this myself?

Let’s face it — DIY can go unpleasantly wrong.  A professional brow stylist possesses the necessary training, expertise and experience to take your brows from simple to simply fabulous!  They can also suggest the best shape and products to suit you and your lifestyle.  So look no further darling — you have arrived.

Need Advice?  Contact us!